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… and then I got hit by a bike.

Posted on: September 16th, 2010 by robcarlson

And the guy on the bike looked at me surprised – but I was facing traffic looking for a cab – he was pedaling toward me, against traffic. The transformation of Manhattan into a bike-friendly borough is long overdue, but there needs to be a few rules. I once got a summons for riding my bike on the sidewalk. I had no idea that was illegal, and frankly since the issuing officer didn’t appear in court or record the ticket – I’m thinking it might not have been. Cyclers, especially deliverymen, ride in and out of bike lanes in any direction they choose. One night was standing on the southwest corner of Astor and Lafayette waiting with roughly twenty other pedestrians to cross east. When the vehicular traffic passed we began crossing against the light. A messenger, who was on one of those idiotic track bikes without brakes, slammed into a unsuspecting guy. Both tumbled to the street, and all of their stuff went flying. I didn’t stick around to find out if either was hurt but it looked bad. Bikes need brakes. Cyclist should ride with traffic, and not on the sidewalk.

So there.


Posted on: September 11th, 2010 by robcarlson