Cellphone or Crazy?


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Cellphone or Crazy?

Posted on: June 13th, 2008 by ltdstylo


I’ve been spending the past few mornings writing in Madison Park. It’s quiet and there are plenty of places to sit undisturbed. Today I found a long row of benches with only a guy wearing a Dodgers hat sleeping at the far end. I sat, drank my coffee and got to work. About fifteen minutes later a woman sits ten feet from the sleeping dude and starts yelling. She wore jeans, a t-shirt and new white sneakers, so not a homeless She keeps yelling. I try to do my work, but she’s just far enough away that can only hear the words she says the loudest. It’s becoming distracting. I start to wonder; cellphone or crazy? There’s nothing in her hans but there could be a headset in the ear I can’t see. “I ain’t fucking doing it no more!” She say, pointing at a squirrel. This could be a coincidence, she could have been making her point just as the squirrel happened to pass. This wakes up the Dodger fan. He has no idea what’s going on. One minute he’s dreaming of Elysian Park the next he’s in the middle of a one woman show. The curiosity is killing me, so I pack up my stuff and head out, making sure to walk past the woman. Just as I get close she says; “I’m not nuts every day.” That settled that. 
I walking out of the park’s northwest exit, when from behind me hear; “That’s right I’m going to fucking kill him. I half-turn and there’s a guy coming at me. I don’t get a good enough look to tell; cellphone or crazy? I cross Fifth Avenue and he’s still behind me. I check my reflection in the parked cars and I can see he’s getting close. I slow my pace a bit and he mumbles something with mother fucker in it just as he passes. Crazy.