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Chango Yo!

Posted on: September 19th, 2005 by ltdstylo 1 Comment

This is Chango, a busted hipster coffee hangout in Echo Park. What is it with hipsters and hats? When did wearing a hat; John Deere, Pork Pie, Ski, equal cool. So in this picture, I know it’s hard to see, three schmucks sport hats. The tool in the white shirt, the guy under the umbrella and the dick on the bike.
If you’re on a motorcycle and you pass another guy on a motorcycle you’re supposed to wave, I didn’t make it up but I do it. Do hipsters in hats have a wave? A nod? I light touching of the earlobe?


Posted on: September 13th, 2005 by ltdstylo 1 Comment

This guy at the Starbucks in Burbank called me buddy about five times. Once when I walked up; “What can I get you buddy?”. Once when I paid; “That’ll be sixty dollars buddy.” And a few more times between the time I gave him my money and left. I think he also called me “bro”.