Two Reason Against Becoming a Rangers Fan


Two Reason Against Becoming a Rangers Fan

Posted on: December 19th, 2006 by ltdstylo

They’re wearing matching jerseys, they have hats and beers in cans. How did the pre-game call go; “dude I’m wearing my Jagr,” “dude I’m wearing my no name no number.” “what color sweatshirt?” “gray” “Okay that won’t look too bad, let’s get beers!!!” This picture was taken at 5pm, two hours before the game and they’re going downtown. Where? “dude, let’s find a hotel and fuck.” “okay, one more beer though.” “I like hockey … do you think Lundquivst is good looking?” “totally!! … let’s fuck” The best part of this story is the Rangers lost anyway … suck it.

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