The Wrath of Canada


The Wrath of Canada

Posted on: December 17th, 2007 by ltdstylo

canada “You want to break up? Let’s break up right now. That’s it we’re broken up. How does it feel to get dumped by a Canadian? That’s right a Canadian just broke up with you.” This is what I heard while waiting for the eight people behind the counter of the starbucks on 23rd street to make my coffee. She continues. “I’ll never take you back. You’re going to see me in the bar making out with your friends and wish you were kissing me.” She’s not shy or discrete at all. She’s less than two feet behind me yelling into her silly flip phone. I start to imagine a face. “She must be beautiful.” I think. Anyone that confident and nasty must use some asset, other than her personality, as leverage. I finally get my coffee and innocently turn to see what she looks like, and holy shit … she was uggs. I did get this shot of her walking away. Notice the blobby ass, stuffed into the circa 1991 black leggings. Here’s a canuck who is preparing for another long, sunless winter, by stuffing her face. 

This is very late

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