Snowball From Hell


Snowball From Hell

Posted on: July 22nd, 2005 by ltdstylo 5 Comments

I just saw the trailer to this movie and it looks so cool!! It’s about a cat that puts on a party hat and kills. He kills men, women, children, other cats. There’s all kinds of rumors on the fan sites about the plot, one is that the cat goes evil because of a botched cancer (sarcoma) operation. This movie is going to rock! This cat drives cars!

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This is very late

5 Responses

  1. evilcatzrool says:

    i have heard this is the best evil cat movie since “cat eyes.” down with cats!

  2. your cack says:

    does nastassja kinski get naked in this?

  3. shit heel says:

    this would be good in a double feature with “Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell” (1978) starring Richard Crenna.

  4. Vincent Varda says:

    she’s not in it but I hear that redheaded kid does a softcore sex scene. Jamie Lee Curtis has a cameo as does Adrienne Barbeau

  5. invisible catgirl says:

    this looks better than “cats” the musical! that redheaded kid is so hot…i’d like to crawl into a cockpod with him. i’ll see the movie just for the sex scene. I heard the sequel is called…”snowball’s revenge – hell freezes over”