Rough designs


Rough designs

Posted on: June 24th, 2005 by ltdstylo 10 Comments

These are rough sketches of a pod designed to allow a man involved in a 3-way with a woman and another man to never have to touch that other man. This is not for men who don’t mind occasionally rubbing feet, hands or sacs with other men during 3-way sex. Click on the image to see a larger view

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10 Responses

  1. Kelvin Nunez says:

    It is important to note that one might need a screen playing porn over the “eyehole” area. If one were to see another man’s genitals during cockpod use it would cause immediate limpness. Also. I could see getting in to a cockpod. But. How do you get out? And who cleans it. I mean the jizz. That is to say, whom is called to clean the jizz?

  2. Vinny Varda says:

    Kelvin, thanks so much for your comments. I was hoping to put either video porn inside the pod or pages from Barely Legal. The video idea would greatly add to the weight so I’ll have to build prototypes. Be sure you won’t have to look at another mans live cock with my product. There are snaps on the side and noted by the tiny black boxes (to the right) I’ll provide a cutaway on my next blueprints. As for the “cum” or “jizzum,” what do you think of a receptacle just below the main genital hole? Again thanks for your comments and say hello to Giga.

  3. john says:

    That 6 ft. black guy to the left of the cock pod is making me hard. So mysterious. Like Ben Wallace. I’d tap him like my life depended on it. As for the pod itself, I’d like to frost the face of that guy peering out of it. I mean like really seal his eyes shut.

  4. invisible girl says:

    how about instead of video porn or pages from barely legal, you install some kind of prism or hologram eyepiece that makes the other guy look like jessica alba? as for jiz clean-up, is there maybe a spray-on substance like “easy off”? …that stuff you spray in the oven at night, and that shit is clean in the morning when you wake up…no hands and no hassle. a receptacle might get in the way, especially if you have a giant cock…

  5. Vinny Varda says:

    IG, I love your idea but I have to stick with what I know and what I can build. I only have a crescent wrench and a sawsall

  6. Vinny Varda says:

    Now I don’t know if I should let the joke die or do another round of revisions. I think this is a funny as it’s ever going to be

  7. Hogan says:

    Joke? What fuckin’ joke? I’ve been saving my tips for a week to buy one of these things for my brother Butch Beusoleil. After a long day on a photoshoot he likes to bring a few asian models home with his photo assistants and have anal sex on my couch. He has been complaining that images of his assistants uncircumcised cocks have been plagueing him at nite. This cockpod device would save his life.
    Ps. Is the poster named “John” really John tripp? If so, why does he want to “frost the face” of the guy in the cockpod? Doesn’t he know that it’s his friend Raven in there? Is he gay or something. And, as for “sealing his eyes shut” is that a serial killer reference? Is John a gay serial killer with cock’s n’ balls in his pickle jar in the fridge? I really hope not. It would make licking my new stamps feel…. dirty….
    ps. Congragulations Rob. You are very smart!

  8. Alethea says:

    I came across this site totally by accident. I googled cockpod and don’t you know I found one. What I want to know is who’s the guy in the pod and where did he get those sneakers? He looks like this guy Matt I used to work with. Matt was once involved in a 3-way with a really tall Swedish dude a snaggletoothed hoochie from Trinidad. This cockpod is a totally cool invention. With all the hours in the day it’s so refreshing to see someone spending they’re time doing good and not evil. Well rock on and check me out at; http://www.aletheaallen.com/

  9. katie holmes says:

    hey rob, you forgot your rainbow sherbert cup on my car hood!