People in my Neighborhood


People in my Neighborhood

Posted on: April 4th, 2008 by ltdstylo

a leaning person
There was a time when you could walk through your community and find comfort in familiar sights. Things you could count on. “Oh there’s Mister Donohue mowing his lawn.” “Look at Smith’s new car.” And here we have pictured, a person leaning between a phone booth and newspaper thing, doing… who the fuck knows what. At first I thought, “holy shit, I’m going to see my second person shitting in public.” But I was not so lucky. Then I thought, “oh no it’s going to vomit!” But this life form just leaned there, rocking back and forth with a hood over its head, and a plastic bag stuck to its foot. Here there is no comfort in familiar things, just the comfort in knowing you’re sure to see something soon that you can’t figure out.

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